Nuad Thai training 10 – 12 June 2022

A three-day Nuad Thai training course carried out from 10 – 12 June 2022. The training took place outside Trelleborg city. The training was led by three instructors from the Holistic Thai Sappaya Akademy, Germany.

This is a certification training program (30 hours). Part of the training includes testing to ensure participants can properly demonstrate putting knowledge into practice.

Normally, a full certification program lasts 150 hours including 60 hours of theory, 30 hours of classroom training, and 60 hours of practice in an actual massage setup. We have made the option of completing 150 hours available to participants who are interested. Participants will be guided and supported by the Sappaya team. FB group was created to continue this discussion and provide a venue for participants to ask further questions and clarify what they had learned. If they completed 150 hours, they would get another certification.

The training started with preying to ensure participants are relaxed and focused. There are several videos taken during the course which could be found on ThaiWISE’s Facebook page at ThaiWISE Malmö. Below are a few photos from the course. Participants were paired up to take turns practicing on each other’s bodies. The pairs were switched every day to make sure they were familiar with different body types.